After a frantic couple of months, permanently, or so it seems attached to my computer. I have another issue to contend with, I now have a teenager, having turned 13 a couple of months ago, they think they know it all & of course you are the worst Mum ever, unless of course you are buying them something!

You patiently or not so patiently after numerous whinges explain that if you don’t work you won’t have anything & anyway that not working isn’t an option.   You even consult them on a job that means leaving them at home for 15 minutes in the morning before they go to school, no they don’t like that idea & even worse they would have to stay at home on their own during the school holidays each morning.  This is the teenager who doesn’t emerge from their bedroom much before 12 noon each day.  That is fine, I have spent that time busy beavering away – earning money.

Every time I have thought about gaining meaningful, regular work with a pay packet each month, that little curse of illness resurfaces. (Thwarted yet again, still freelancing does offer that flexibility, you can mope their brow, provide refreshments & comfort all from your desk, while they lay on the settee being ill.  Hacking coughing is not so easy to deal with, when you are on the telephone trying to conduct calls.  At that point putting them to bed is perhaps preferable, although they tend to be resistant to that).

If you work you are ignoring them, if you don’t they moan because you are broke. The bank of Mum is not always open, heaven forbid you suggest they go to the bank or the post office to withdraw the money they owe you from their latest online shopping foray.

You decide to try to teach them about the real world of work – I have to make up postal packs regularly at the moment.  They agree to help, but only after they have negotiated their hourly rate & extras. The thought of actually having to do it regularly is boring, so after a couple of weeks you give up, stop paying them & go back to doing it all.

During the Easter holidays I actually got her a job doing some colouring  & helping me to write a review – guess what I even promised her all the money.  I never want to see that colouring again – I even bought several sets of pens to use,  she did some but I spent many hours cajoling her to do it & spent most of one weekend doing it.  I stupidly thought she would enjoy it – big mistake – never assume your teenager will enjoy it!

Last weekend at the hairdresser 2 other single Mums were discussing the fact they work & the jobs their children do & my daughter sat aghast, help that is an anathema. Make Mum a drink – why?   She saw a CD she wanted later, I agreed to buy it on condition she clean the patio table.  By Sunday lunchtime, still in bed I asked her what she intended to do for the rest of the day – nothing. Okay – do it yourself, as usual.  The table is clean, by yours truly, the CD has disappeared & she asked where it was & then proceeded to sulk when I told her she could have it when she has started doing some jobs.

When they are younger you urge them to be quiet when you are making phone calls, yet the teenager is perhaps more challenging – nothing is ever right I am regularly told I am breathing too loudly!

Frustrations regularly bubble over, apologies to the neighbours!!  Being a parent is never easy, but then neither is life in general!  Conversations with my parents take the path of you are only getting back what you gave out as a teenager.

I am going to become a recycled teenager!!